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Jack's Lantern

                                        Jack's Lantern

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Fear grips the citizens of Greater Boston

A truly evil serial killer ‘hell-bent’ on accomplishing his brutal agenda unleashes his venom.

Boston’s leaders are not prepared for this breed of killer; ruthless, methodical, and with a taste for the ancient ways. As they flounder, the Watchmaker, a sleuth with an unmatched record for routing out serial killers, is forced upon them. Dr. Edward Dunham, FBI’s chief scientist, soon becomes aware this elusive adversary is different; quite possibly out of his reach. The killer’s brutality and intelligence are unbelievable, almost otherworldly.


The Watchmaker, a man guided by naturalistic methodology, realizes he must stretch these boundaries in order to end the fiend’s terror.


Click here for a preview of the first three chapters.

Click here to get the latest info on the Watchmaker and his adventures.

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