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Curse of the Bayou Beast


Estimated publishing date is late 2018.

The Watchmaker is fully aware the most dangerous type of serial killer is the one who keeps to the shadows. But unknown to New Orleans, one is systematically mutilating and collecting his victims. Young Rob Faulks, protégé to the Watchmaker, has a monumental task; convincing the authorities that their city is plagued by a type of serial offender never before encountered in modern times - a bloodthirsty terror in control of a monstrous beast - His mentor comes to his aid, but serial killer sleuth Dr. Edward Dunham soon discovers the offender’s wrath may be too much for this city to handle. Scientific naturalism, Cajun folklore, and voodoo spiritualism collide, and within the confusion the Watchmaker discovers an unwanted truth; a reality best denied than embraced. Dunham's unmatched, almost unnatural skills are put to the test to stop this viscous killer, yet one fact is constantly on his mind—the fiend still owns the shadows.

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